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Cultivating feminine energy into your life in a masculine driven workforce.

Working as a female in Outdoor Education.,

Right now in society, we are hearing every day the challenges women face in work forces all around the world. And we also are hearing of all of the changes that are gradually starting to happen within the energy of the "feminist movement" From my job of working in Outdoor Education, it is an industry that is predominately male dominated. But not only male dominated, but the masculine energy of that field is quite strong. I work as an Expedition Leader for community service/conservation adventure based travel programs that take high school groups to developing countries around the world. This job involves adventure seeking, stepping out of your comfort zone, safety and risk management, advanced medical training, navigational skills, and logistics. For whatever reason, from my experience this is more of a male dominated industry. Over the past couple of years of working within the Outdoor Industry, I have pulled myself up on trying to prove myself as a woman. Having male trekking guides, or teachers, make me feel incompetent in my job because I am a woman. I found myself becoming stronger, more determined, more forward thinking and unconciously wanting to be more and more productive, instead of being content in just being. And these are all great things, but I felt I was loosing my sense of femininity. My gentle, caring nature. And it brought me to thinking about how to have a gentle, caring nature these days in society is often seen as weakness. Which is quite sad, especially when throughout history women have always made great leaders and been very powerful and protective at the same time as maintaining a gentle and caring nature. I would like to emphasise the fact that your masculine energy is so so vital and important, and plays a huge role and challenging ourselves, but in this era of movement between the energies, it is important for health of our body and mind to stay balanced. And remember that being "femininist" doesn't mean stepping away from your feminine side to prove a sense of power or worth. After immersing myself into yoga all of this year and teaching the practise of yoga, I’ve been putting energy into living consciously in the present moment and let go of un-serving senses of fear. As I feel, fear and worry is a wasted emotion. I found it challenging to stay connected with my feminine energy and still live by my values at the same time as doing my Outdoor Education job. My main priorities are to make sure everyone is safe and healthy on the trip and dynamic risk management in developing countries, which involves thinking 5 steps ahead of what could go wrong, and always having a plan for the worst. And I’ve succeeded at that so far. But I’m learning how I can do that subconsciously without instilling stress into my energy. I’m learning how to find balance with forward thinking, but at the same time, living in the moment. Meditation and Yoga in the morning really helps me with this. Purely just remembering to take a deep breathe before taking action, or speaking has a huge impact on how you react. My mind can feel a huge difference now if a day goes by when I don’t do this. If you are feeling that you want to step more into your feminine, finding a gentle, loving daily practise can help with this, to bring yourself into balance. Weather it be journaling, music, yoga, meditation, light excerise or whatever you choose. But what I’ve learnt is choose an outlet that is gentle, kind and soft on your body. Something that helps your body to restore. An act of showing yourself self love and something that nurtures your soul that is carrying your physical body. Choose something to allow your body to come out of running in your sympathetic nervous system, which is what we 21st century humans are in most of the day with stresses of work, social stresses, bills, what we see and hear on the news. Choosing a daily practise where you can each day, find some peace will help to reduce your levels of cortisol (cortisol is a hormone in your body that is produced from stress), high levels of cortisol can result in adrenal fatigue (which absolutely sucks) and various other illnesses. You may of heard of the Yin and Yang symbol. This represents the feminine and masculine energy that all living beings hold. Its important for both of these energies to stay in balance. My health and fertility has actually suffered because of my Yin and Yang imbalance at the moment.

'Remember, trust your intuition, vulnerability is strength, and sensitivity is not weakness. You are beautiful.'

Every day I’m learning more ways of how we can step into our feminine energy in this masculine driven world. Recently I attended a womens circle run by Sigrid Tasies and Mojo Minx in Byron Bay and another with some beautiful girlfriends in the Gold Coast, and we shared our practises on how we like to stay cultivate feminine energy into our lives. I'd like to share them with YOU! A daily practise of mindfulness or what I mentioned above can help, along with * Daily massage when you get out of the shower for at least 3-5 minutes, Self pleasure, * Simple affirmations to yourself in the mirror like “you are beautiful” or “i love you” , any positive affirmations to reaffirm your feminine. * REST/ Chillll out! * Expressing how you feel, and allowing your vulnerbility and sensitivity to show. * Dance, dancing naked, dancing as different types of feminine energies, dancing with friends (I love dancing) * Engaging with other women (the womens circles movement popping up all around the world at the moment are great), * One thing that I personally really love to do - is take myself out on “Date Days!” Dress yourself up, go eat the yummiest of foods that you desire, do something that makes your heart sing, be out in nature, whatever it might be that shows yourself love and shows your making an effort with yourself!

If I’m feeling down, or needing some love and attention, what a beautiful thing it is to be able to give it to yourself. What I mean by “date days” is I will take myself out for a day of activities with myself. For example, I might.. *Go to a beautiful cafe and have some lovely healthy food, read and people watch for a while. * I might go for a swim by myself or a swim, possibly a hike in the sun, and meditate on the beach. * Maybe have an energy healing treatment like reiki or massage. * Bake something wonderful, paint and draw. * Or just go somewhere really beautiful and sit there and be with nature and take some nice photos. These are the sort of things I like to do on my date days. And it can really help you to slow down, restore and step into your feminine energy. This isn’t to say that masculine energy is negative at all, there is a place for your masculine energy to be there, but ladies if you are feeling a little imbalanced and out of touch and would like to learn about some other methods, try some of these practises if it resonates with you, or get in contact with me! I love to connect with people and always eager to hear about new perspectives, ideas and questions are more than welcome! Remember, trust your intuition, vulnerability is strength, and sensitivity is not weakness. You are beautiful.


Love from Lauren.

Love from Lauren

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