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Bring Yoga to Your Workplace


Do you want your employee's to have better focus, concentration, mental health/stability, or connection? 

Contact Lauren for Yoga to come to your workplace! 
Yoga in the workplace is helpful for relieving stress and anxiety, stronger/more effective communication, team building, improving blood circulation, encouraging a healthier lifestyle for employee's and encouraging mindfulness. 
Lauren can personalise Yoga sessions to suit you! 
Her offerings can include:
* Team Yoga - helping to build trust, communication and co-operation in a workplace.
* Restorative Yoga - helpful for moving the body after sitting at a desk, or repetitive strenuous movement during the day. 

* Meditation - Centre and clear the mind, to allow and make space for new ideas and clarity to be present in your working space. Helps with mental health, focus and concentration. 

Yoga sessions can be customised to encompass one or all of these attributes. 

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